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Barbara Sher’s Dare to Soar Telesummit: Celebrating 12 Life Changing New Books | Barbara's Club

Telesummit Book List:

Saturday, September 10, 2016

  • Phone Number: 1-641-715-3670 – Access Code: 968558#

Dial *6 to mute or unmute your phone


Please mute if you use a speakerphone or call from a noisy location


Time Zone Shown: US Eastern (NY)

Time Agenda Speaker(s)
11:00 am Kickoff
11:05 am Cry No More: Secrets to End Infant Crying Ina Bransome
11:25 am Book Launch Freebies
11:30 am Mastering the 10-Minute Talk Christine S. Dahl
12:00 pm Prizes
12:05 pm How to Be a Life Changing Author and Speaker by Next September Barbara Sher Patty Newbold
12:25 pm Book Launch Freebies
12:30 pm Business Idea Factory Andrea Brigitte Klee
1:00 pm Book Launch Celebration
1:05 pm How to Harness your Sensitive Superpowers and Natural Gifts for Business Success Lisa Dolce
1:25 pm Book Launch Freebies
1:30 pm Be Weird, Make Money Kimberly Stewart
2:00 pm Prizes
2:05 pm What Everyone Else Gets Wrong About Resistance and Why You Need to Know What’s Really Going On Barbara Sher
3:00 pm Book Launch Freebies
3:05 pm What Is So Sexy About Being a Sexagenarian: Or…What is Aging Anyways? Barbara Van Sant
3:25 pm Upcoming Workshops by WriteSpeak grads
3:30 pm You Think You’re Shy? I’ll Prove You’re Not! Janice Dean
4:00 pm Prizes
4:05 pm Career-ing Toward Authenticity Karen M. Cardozo
4:25 pm Book Launch Freebies
4:30 pm Career ReCharge: Five Resiliency Strategies to Prevent Burnout Beth Benatti Kennedy
5:00 pm Book Launch Celebration
5:05 pm Career Change for Academics: Use the Skills You Already Have!! Kate Duttro
5:25 pm Book Launch Freebies
5:30 pm Writing as a Tool for Insight and Change Karen Walsh
6:00 pm Prizes
6:05 pm Be Remembered — Write a Legacy Letter Beth LaMie
6:25 pm Book Launch Freebies
6:30 pm Energy Booster Workshop Shelley Wood
7:00 pm Upcoming Workshops by WriteSpeak grads
7:05 pm Blood Sugar Dogs: Let’s Discuss Diabetes with Dogs Karin Collinsworth
7:25 pm Book Launch Freebies
7:30 pm Joyful Change: Adding In and Fading Away Regina Orchard
8:00 pm Prizes
8:05 pm How to Be a Life Changing Author and Speaker by Next September Barbara Sher Patty Newbold
8:25 pm Book Launch Freebies
8:30 pm Getting Unstuck Sharon McGann
9:00 pm Final Cheers for Our Incredible Authors

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