Be Weird, Make Money

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1:30 pm Eastern Saturday, September 10, 2016

Speaker: Kimberly Stewart, business idea consultant, author, standard nerd

A micro-workshop about how to map what makes you unique onto different business paths. I will even show you how you can take one idea and create 7 different businesses (or more)!

7 categories of business:

  1. Products
  2. Services, something you do for others
  3. Information products, books, CDs, DVDs, digital, subscription or one time sale
  4. Mail Order, selling products from a distance.
  5. Landlord, renting your stuff so your stuff supports you. The sharing economy, Air bnb, Uber
  6. Bricks and Mortar, store front, or a booth at another location
  7. Entertaining, actin, juggling, DJ, etc

Gothic Gardening example

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