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Barbara Sher's Newsletter Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hi all,

Is this the summer you planned to look for a different job? Or even a different career? Were you hoping to write a book? Or start your own business on the web? Or did your heart light up when you thought about turning old chairs into works of art?

Well, the Live the Life You Love book club is the one book club that can make that dream actually happen. (But only if you sign up by 11:55 pm EDT tomorrow!)

Until now, my book clubs have been (I hope) illuminating. They’ve lit up what was hard to understand: I Could Do Anything, for instance, showed you what was hiding behind those blocks that had stopped you. Refuse to Choose woke you up to who you are: someone who is supposed to be interested in many things, to love learning what’s new — someone who is not broken or indecisive but a true-blue Scanner, a lucky person with lots of great options for careers and fun. It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now changed your mind for once and for all about what it means to be ‘older:’ and it doesn’t mean anything at all, except that the best time has finally shown up. Even my ‘non-book-club programs,’ like Hanging Out With Barbara Sher is a ‘no-goal’ area. But this new book club is entirely different. For the first time you have the chance to do the Live the Life You Love book club, and this is the one book club with a target goal. It will help you find that goal (if you don’t know what it is yet) and it will make sure you are working on it, well on your way to achieving that goal, by the end of the book club.

That’s a big promise, I know. But I wrote that very special book over twenty years ago and it’s been tried on the anvil of experience. And, although I don’t participate out front in any of the book clubs, I’m here and I’m watching. So you could almost call this a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity,’ which is something I don’t think I’ve ever done before. But I’m doing it now.

Tomorrow is your first and last chance to be part of this very unusual program. If I were you, knowing what I know, I wouldn’t miss it.

The Live the Life You Love book club is the ‘do-it-yourself’ version of Success Teams. But this time, you won’t have to do it yourself. Here’s what will happen:

You will read about — and take! — all ten steps in my 1996 classic, prize-winning book, Live the Life You Love. The book club has a special kind of timing: it moves nice and slow, so you’ll be reading about 15 pages a week and doing a couple of exercises. (Not the kind you might expect, either.)

That’s what you’d probably be doing on your own without a book club (except we both know that the exercises don’t always get done when you’re reading on your own — let’s be honest about that. :-)) The book club adds people! And when I say ‘people,’ I don’t mean just people with lives like yours, but all sort of people you’re not likely to meet in your daily life: adventurous people, highly sensitive people, well-educated people, confident people, creative people, people with rich uncles, people who bounced back from being homeless, people with friends who have done exactly what your friends are telling you can’t be done. People from all over the world (France, Belgium, Lithuania, New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada, and every corner of the U.S., with more to follow). Being in a book club with these people is not just going to be a lot of fun, it’s going to give you incredibly valuable points of view from people with very different backgrounds. Let me tell you from experience, that’s like finding a bucket of gold on your front steps tomorrow morning. If you need a different point of view to help you create a very different life, you’ll surely find it in this book club.

You’ll also find lots of support and encouragement.

The members are already introducing themselves and getting to know each other. I read this comment the other day from those who joined early:

“So far I feel like I am already among friends here.”

You know what that means: you’ll be with people you want to help. You’ll be with people who want to see your dream come true. We’ve got it organised to help keep you focused on completing all ten step-by-step lessons in the book even if you haven’t done this before.

“I’m pretty bad at finishing stuff like this too. My immediate sense though is that this might be different. More fun, more motivating, and really somehow everyone really cheering each other on because at some level we can all really relate to the starting and not finishing...”

DON’T PUT THIS OFF ANOTHER DAY OR YOU’LL WRITE ME AND YOU’LL BE SAD. And you’ll made me sad too! REGISTER RIGHT NOW. Your very last chance to register for the book club is today and tomorrow. After 11:55 pm EDT (NY time) on Wednesday, June 29, it’s too late. You won’t get another chance for more than a year.

To learn more and to register, follow this link

Please don’t delay. I know I’m pushy, and that I’m being even pushier than usual, but I’m really asking you to not be one of those people who writes me on the 30th saying you forgot to register. Or you thought you’d have internet access at 11:50 pm but you didn’t.

At 11:55 pm, your book club guide, Patty Newbold, shuts down registration and heads to bed to get ready to give all her attention to the members in the morning. She’s good. But she’s tough. And she knows what it will take to make this work. (She has also provided us with some more kudos about Live the Life You Love to show you what readers have said): “This is one of the best books I have read for improving and understanding your life.”

-Jeremy S on

“Live the Live you Love helped me go from being a starving artist with a few drawings on the wall to a successful international toy designer.”

-Zstein2 on

So, if this is your summer for creating a life you truly love, go ahead and do whatever you can to be a member of this particular book club. You’ll thank me for it.


Barbara Sher

Barbara Sher is a world-renowned authority on identifying goals, finding drive and motivation, and avoiding resistance the natural way. (She does not believe in positive thinking, creating realities or the 'male, military model' of overcoming inner blocks.) She has 5 best-selling books in more than a dozen languages (including German), lively videos on YouTube to explain her work and Barbara's Club with online courses, book clubs, and a free Idea Party. Sher is an inspiring speaker who has been called 'a standup comic with a message' and 'the godmother of life coaching.'

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