What Everyone Else Gets Wrong About Resistance and Why You Need to Know What’s Really Going On

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2:05 pm Eastern Saturday, September 10, 2016

Speaker: Barbara Sher, best-selling author of I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was, Wishcraft, Live the Life You Love, It’s Only Too Late If You Don’t Start Now and Refuse to Choose

Resistance! It’s what stops you in your tracks as soon as you begin to go after what you want or do what you love. It tries to convince you you’re too busy. Or lazy. Or bored. Or maybe you don’t really want it badly enough. Or you have more important things to attend to. And who would listen to you, anyway?

We all try to fight resistance to the ground, to use our will power, to be strong, but I’m an real expert at dealing with resistance and I know better. You can’t fight it. That will just backfire.

But I can show you what does work because I have learned what will keep resistance out of your way. (It has nothing to do with changing the way you think.) Once you know what’s really going on, you’ll be able to do what you love and go after what you want. Remember, you owe your gifts to the rest of us. I’d like to help you pay that happy debt.

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